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How the first 2 weeks of January feel.




New Fine Art Site

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I have been working hard on a new fine art site and if you enjoy following my work, please feel free to take a look. It is a work in progress. 


November Freelensing Circle

November 25, 2015  •  5 Comments



I love November. There is something so beautiful about it. On this day I fell into a zone free lensing. It takes so much concentration to manually focus and that is part of what I enjoy so much about this process. You cannot think of anything else but focusing and seeing at that moment.  At one point as I held my lens away from my camera at the barren trees, I saw so much beauty through my view finder, the way the trees were blurred was magical, and I just hoped that my settings were right and what I saw was captured. 


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From the Masters William Eggleston

November 23, 2015  •  3 Comments


This past month, our "From the Masters" group studied William Eggleston. To be honest, I did not know who he was. When I looked up his name I was immediately struck by his use of color. It was used in such a painterly, rich, intuitive way, so that every day boring scenes, ones you and I walk by every single day, came to life. I was particularly inspired because I took the wonderful color theory class by my friend Roxanne Bryant this past spring and I could actually see how Eggleston used a warm and cool palette, and how the colors worked so perfectly together. The thing is, Eggleston makes it look easy. In actuality, when I tried to go around and find everyday, very boring, and truly ugly surroundings and make them look like a painting, it was quite hard. Normally I am shooting landscapes and my children.  For these I took my camera into our town and even tried a few different ugly settings such as my garage (gasp). It was challenging. My favorite part of this month was working on my color and seeing how different colors worked together and then attempting to look at my surroundings with a painterly eye. I love rich colors so I bumped up my saturation and even changed the colors in some of these images to work well together.  


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Freelensing Circle October

October 29, 2015  •  4 Comments

the day the leaves fell like a song

and I could barely catch you 

in the blur of burnt orange crimson red


I told you every now and then

there is a day that 

glimpses heaven

and you laughed running 


your small self passing through the crunching leaves

as they came down to the notes 

of Autumn

hardly believing this song would 

change so soon

hushed by white silence

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