Free Lensing Circle January

January 25, 2016  •  5 Comments


After a beautiful unusually warm November and December, mid January we were finally hit with snow, at least 25 inches stormed down on us. Some of these photos were free lensed the morning the storm hit. A few more, in the days after as my kids enjoyed the huge amounts of white surrounding us. I can appreciate the beauty of the snow more when I photograph it, so I try to do it often. Otherwise I am just complaining I am COLD, because it is so very COLD out! brr....

now please follow the circle around to visit my friend Cynthia's gorgeous work


Stephanie Sutter(non-registered)
Gorgeous! I love the color contrast, especially in the second photo.
So beautiful! Love the one with the focus just on the red glove!
Erin Hensley(non-registered)
These are so dreamy!
I love all of these!! I love to photograph the snow too and can totally see how doing that make you appreciate it a bit more. These are all so dreamy!
oh that purple coat! i was hoping to see more photos of your sweet girl playing in the snow. you make me want to live in a snowy place so that i can photograph the beauty of winter. i think your snow photos are my favorite ones ever.
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