Free lensing Circle August

August 25, 2015  •  5 Comments



Lately I have been inspired by one artist in particular, my daughter. I remember last summer she learned how to draw a flower; the first one drawn in the near dark with chalk outside. From then on that summer she drew endless pictures for me of flowers, people, rainbows. The pile overflowed and as she kept drawing, she got better and better at it. I hung up whatever I could, and she always glowed when she saw them on the wall. We would talk about them again and again. There were stories, long elaborate imaginative ones that she would make up about the pictures. This summer I see her in her room with clay, paint, watercolors, scissors. Mess, everywhere. She is deep into creating and brings me her art again. This time, her art is different. She still draws people and rainbows and flowers but now she mixes paint and clay on the paper. The stories she tells have become more imaginative, her art more adventurous. She is really fearless how she mixes mediums. I have told her that she is an artist countless times. Proudly she beams. Once she lamented she could not color in the lines like her friend. I told her I liked abstract art much better.  And so with my own art, I let myself experiment like her. I free lensed these and thought, what would happen if I tried to do triple exposures? What would it look like to freelens the moon, the front headlight of my car? What can I find that is beautiful in the yard I have photographed a million times. One time she drew me a picture and told me it was a picture of the wind. What does the wind look like? I love that art is about making the unimaginable, finding the forgotten hidden beauty, and really there is no right and wrong. Today I asked her how do you become an artist? She answered "momma, you just have to practice a lot.", as she stamped and colored her gazillionth picture of the summer.

Now please continue the circle around to my crazy talented friend Heather. I love her sweet sentiment this month and beautiful images to go with it.


Stephanie Sutter(non-registered)
You are a photography rock star Melissa. The beauty you have captured in each moment is incredible and inspiring.
Renee Jansen.(non-registered)
I love this so!!!! I've missed your beautiful eye and words.
WOW! You can see and feel the art in these Melissa. I'm blown away by their beauty!
Wow Melissa...this is beautiful in so many ways. I'm so drawn to that double of your daughter running in the field, in color... I love how your daughter has pushed you to stretch yourself even further than I think you already do. What a beautiful story.
Melissa. These are just so amazing. So much art. I love how you stretch your wings even further every month. I actually sat here with my mouth gaping open when I scrolled through (several times). Wow, wow, wow.
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