Freelensing Circle June

June 24, 2015  •  1 Comment

one thing i love about photography is that it can capture one single emotion. joy sadness delight happiness defeat freedom pure beauty. and a million others. if you do it right, you can hold one little piece of paper in your hand and it will take you somewhere in time. your memory. a place you have forgotten. a moment in time that you thought you might never feel again. the way you love someone. i think that's why i am always taking pictures. it's like capturing the smell of summer air, heavy wtth humidity and putting it into a clear mason jar. putting the lid on. saving it for later to open when you need that again. and then when you open the lid the feeling of summer floods your remember. that's what looking at a photograph is like. it's why i print my pictures lately. tuck them carefully into albums and slip them into books so that i can find them again. feel them again.


next up is the beautiful work of my friend Heather


Stunners. And your words are just what I needed as I have taken a step back from photography to deal with life.
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