Freelensing Circle April

April 24, 2015  •  3 Comments

"I'm gonna free fall out into nothing, gonna leave this world for awhile....."  - Tom Petty

and that's what we did.

St. Thomas, 2015

Now please go check out the beautiful free lensing work of my friend Holly. She will inspire you.


Just awesome! I love everything about them.
Melissa you are so unique. Your double exposures are amazing. Your vision is inspiring. These all felt so peaceful and relaxing. And I love the quote too!
Olivia Gatti(non-registered)
Melissa! Holy sh-t. These are some of the most beautiful images. I LOVE that you took this further with double exposures too. I think you are on to something so big and powerful, with a voice all your own. Wow, wow, wow.
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