November Freelensing Circle

November 25, 2015  •  5 Comments



I love November. There is something so beautiful about it. On this day I fell into a zone free lensing. It takes so much concentration to manually focus and that is part of what I enjoy so much about this process. You cannot think of anything else but focusing and seeing at that moment.  At one point as I held my lens away from my camera at the barren trees, I saw so much beauty through my view finder, the way the trees were blurred was magical, and I just hoped that my settings were right and what I saw was captured. 


Follow the circle around to my friend Heather's post now. It may be my favorite of hers ever ♥


you are amazing, M. I love the way that you see.
You and those TREES! My goodness. Amazingly haunting. I love it.
I can't handle you. These are all so beautiful.
I feel like I'm in a dream when I see your work. I just love it all so much.
I lust lurrrve what you do Melissa
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