Freelensing Circle October

October 29, 2015  •  4 Comments

the day the leaves fell like a song

and I could barely catch you 

in the blur of burnt orange crimson red


I told you every now and then

there is a day that 

glimpses heaven

and you laughed running 


your small self passing through the crunching leaves

as they came down to the notes 

of Autumn

hardly believing this song would 

change so soon

hushed by white silence

Now please follow the circle around to my friend Heather. So much beauty in her post this month ♥


These are hauntingly beautiful ❤️ Love the double exposure where she's jumping
Heather Robinson(non-registered)
I just can't get enough. Your words slay me. And the way you rock the double exposure freelensed shot just leaves me in absolute awe.
These are so beautifully spooky! So visually interesting Melissa. Love these.
Oh my goodness. The second from last is jaw-dropping. All of it is, but that one actually made me go WHAAAAT out loud. Amazing, so so much.
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