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September 25, 2014  •  5 Comments


I find myself every few months documenting the relationship between our daughter and her next oldest brother, who is 5 years older than her. It's funny because when she was born, I wasn't sure how close she would be to her older brothers. At the time of her birth, they were 9, 7, and 5. Well, it has been really beautiful to see how much they love her, how much she has added to their lives, and how much THEY have added to hers. I didn't grow up with brothers, just sisters, so I did not know anything about the relationship that exists between brother and sister. I didn't know about how brothers CONSTANTLY tease, and get a never ending joy from seeing her scream LOUDLY, or how protective they can be and loving to their little sister either. My oldest two boys tend to relate to each other a lot, so it has been so wonderful to see this bond develop between my two youngest. Not only do they share a big giant smile and a head full of blonde hair, but also a an exuberance for life. He does tease her mercilessly at times, but so much of the time, I find him reading to her in her room, appeasing her kindly, and being a willing playmate and constant companion to her.  For that reason she has told anyone who will listen that she is going to "marry Dabid!" when she grows up. I think perhaps it is making her oldest brothers a bit jealous. "Dabid" on the other hand has asked her kindly and also not so kindly to please stop telling everyone that. That you can't marry your brother. Usually what ensues is a lot of crying on her part, and him ending up soothing her that "fine! you can marry me!" :) 

On this evening, I was behind the camera, focused, free lensing, and in a zone that I sometimes compare to a long run. Theraputic, lost in my own world, concentrating, trying to make art because it was what I needed that night. These two on the other hand were just carefree children, ignoring me for the most part, except for when I asked for just one shot together...pretty please? Which ended up in funny faces and silliness.  


Erica 12-1262Erica 12-1262 ZB_Meeloop_071116_0409ZB_Meeloop_071116_0409 James_Po-wedding1641James_Po-wedding1641 Zach, December 2000 - 2001_027Zach, December 2000 - 2001_027

Now please follow the circle around to my talented friend Holly over here.  I am constantly inspired by these ladies in this group and the way they free lens their world is so uniquely beautiful.


Heather Robinson(non-registered)
There is this quality to your work. This after effect. I had to come back to these and get lost in them multiple times. I couldn't move on. Like some old favorite song that you haven't heard in a long time. And you must hear it immediately on repeat. I am so inspired by you Melissa.
OH my goodness that last photo!!! I really love all of these especially the ones of your little girl laying in the grass with her hair all fanned out. Their relationship seems so special!!
These are so magical. It's like childhood perfectly portrayed in photos - so much love, a bit of a blur.
Holly Donovan(non-registered)
wonderful post, brought me so close to tears! what a wonderful idea to document them and their special bond. i have a 9 year old boy and 5 year old girl, a 4 year age difference. I can so relate to this Melissa! Well done <3
Melissa, I love these and your words! Beautiful work.
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