Freelensing Blog Circle August

August 25, 2014  •  3 Comments

barefeet. longer legs two months older hanging from swings. stretched out. mid august heat and heavy rains. blackberries finally ripe picked by small fingers. reading "blueberries for Sal" over and over. deep blue skies and thick clouds. from a storybook we said. mid august swims. light streaking through the blueness. like a dream summer is. the way it comes and goes. the way towards the end of august you start to notice a few dried leaves on the ground suddenly and the smell of fall creeping in during the evening, awakening your senses to a new season. 

here is late summer, freelensed.

Please follow along in the circle to my talented friend Holly and her lovely work


Heather Robinson(non-registered)
Melissa, I can't even handle this. These are all divine. That second swing image is fantastic. I also love her round little face. And those clouds again!! Crazy good. I adore the way that you free lens the water in your pool. Why can't we live closer?? ;)
The OOF of the trees and skies Melissa!!! Pitter patter!!!
The second swing one? I keep going back to look at it. These are wonderful!
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