Vyana's First Birthday

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For as long  as I have know my friend Rachna, she has always loved photography. She is a talented photographer out in California (http://blog.rachnaphotography.com/) and was in town celebrating her daughter's first birthday with her family. She invited me to come, not to take photos, but to bring Lia and we could each meet each other's daughters. I remember back in high school sitting in Health class with Rachna and wondering together when we would ever meet our soul mates. Then we went to college together at OSU and became such good friends. As fate would have it we both moved out to LA in 1999 after graduation for different reasons. I got married in those next few years and had two baby boys out there. Rachna took the sweetest black and white film photos of me with those baby boys on the beaches of Marina Del Rey and Malibu. I still have a framed collage of them in my bedroom. Sometimes I stop and look at my 25 year old self with my sweet boys and sigh, thankful to have those memories of our young life out there. Rachna stayed in California and we moved back home and we lost touch on and off as old friends often do. We reconnected over photography and when I saw her again at this party, I had the same old familiar connection with her that I always have. How everything always remains the same with old friends, no matter how much time passes is so beautiful to me. I casually took some photos of her with her gorgeous little girl and soul mate ;) , and then some with her sister and mom and their girls. It was such a beautiful day. Lia talked all the way home about the party and it made me so happy to return the gift to Rachna of photographing her as a new mother like she did for me so many years again. xo






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