Baby Violette

April 07, 2014  •  2 Comments

As soon as I walked in the door of this beautiful old century home brimming with carefully chosen refinished antiques, rich colored, and peeling with age religious art, and, well thought out wall hangings, something felt very familiar. Amidst all this old beauty was a new one. One that had made her mark in this well kept home. Because strewn between all these lovely things were signs of her, signs that Baby Violette, this family's dearest treasure, had finally arrived. Baby wipes, bright colored blankies, and newly knit hats made by sweet friends were the newest decorations in this house. And it felt familiar. The way that being a brand new parent changes you in the best way. The way that you can never imagine the deep love you feel instantly when you hold your baby for the first time. I could feel that here.  The awe. The way the dad said to me as he held his baby girl by the window, "you know I never thought newborn babies were very beautiful until I saw her." The way that mom and dad shuffled her between them, unsure hands, and yet so sure, soothing her when she fussed. Wondering out loud if maybe she was too cold, and then a few minutes later, maybe she's too hot. The way Baby Violette locked eyes intensely with her mom and dad as though she knew them perfectly and always had.  The way that she nestled between them, comforted by their touch, their breath close to hers.  Where there once was two, now they are three, changed in the best of ways. 


I love the black and white ones, they are all so beautiful!!!! xx00
Gayla Frances Evans(non-registered)
I absolutely love the pictures, so hard to choose a favorite one, the love there is obvious for all to see. So happy for you both.
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