The DeAnna McCasland Workshop

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So I am writing this six months later, a bit late but I have been meaning to spend some time going through the images and ideas I collected at the in person workshop in Ohio this past summer with DeAnna McCasland. She is an amazing lifestyle photographer whose photography I had admired for it's honesty and her ability to take a simple every day image and infuse it with something deeper and more meaningful. It's something I try to do with my own children in our every day surroundings, and have been hoping to encourage clients to do with me as well. I love the idea of going to someone's home and capturing them in their environment, in spaces that are dear to them, with bits and pieces of who they are hanging on their walls; kids artwork messily displayed, shoes of all sizes at the entrance (surely that changes so quickly, I know), papers they are proud of clamped to the refrigerator with old magnets, kids jumping on their beds, and completely comfortable in their own spaces.

I have to admit my love for lifestyle began when we met Jim Frier, a Cleveland lifestyle photographer who came to our home and captured our family, when we only had three little boys for four years straight. He worked primarily with black and white film and would spend a great majority of his time in our house, casually directing us into rooms, capturing us reading books to the boys, cuddling, giving them baths, and other ordinary interactions that he would then take back to his darkroom, hand develop and create books of beautiful 8x10 black and white portraits of our life that I now treasure more than anything. When he started coming to our house he was 85 years old, and the last time he came he was 89. He had been photographing families for over 50 years in this way. He recently retired to Mexico at the age of 95. He was my first inspiration, and I felt like when I saw what DeAnna was doing, it was very similar. I realized that I wanted to do that as well. Yes, I love outdoor sessions too, they have a unique beauty all their own, but what I have hanging in my hallways, are those black and whites that were taken inside and outside of our home years ago (along with some of mine too :) ).

I loved that when I met DeAnna in person she was just incredibly humble, clearly so smart, and so willing to share with us everything she knew. At that point she had just moved to a cabin in West Virginia and as I have been following her work since then I am blown away by how she captures her country lifestyle now. It is truly inspiring. I wrote down a few notes in a little notebook she gave us.  A few things I scribbled down that stood out: "tell honest stories", "view life like a child", "find the beauty in the beauty", "the best photos are the ones we are scared to take", "be an experiencer", and "take photos others wouldn't think to take".

here are some photos I took at the workshop :)

A few of DeAnna in action.....

The first evening we did an outdoor lifestyle shoot with a family expecting their second child..


and we also shot an indoor lifestyle shoot...I thought I would keep these in black and white (except for DeAnna- I like her red hair :)) , they were my favorite.....





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