Freelensing Circle November

November 23, 2014  •  5 Comments

November was a strange month. The seasons changed so suddenly. It felt like fall early on and then all of a sudden it was 10 degrees, the leaves were black on the ground and the branches, just sparse limbs reaching out into cold sky. One morning we looked out and we had several inches of snow on the ground. When we got in the car we heard Christmas music playing. It felt a bit early. But the kids were happy. They made snow angels and snowballs and even a small snowman. One afternoon when it looked like a white winter wonderland out my window, and Lia was napping I thought I would sneak out and freelens the snow hanging on the branches. It was all so white. But this guy heard me getting ready and ran out after me. He was born on a bitter cold snowy day in February. I remember looking out the window as the snow blurred on the way home from the hospital sitting next to him in the backseat, all bundled up, brand new. He has remained a snow baby.  A joyful one.

And then less than a week later, some warm air came through. It was 45 degrees. Suddenly it felt like summer. In the car Lia asked me to put the windows down and I looked at her through my rearview mirror, huge smile, hair blowing in the "warm" wind. I heard her say it was so refreshing. Yes, that's Ohio for you when 45 degrees feels like summer ;) so that day, they played outside on their bikes. I decided to experiment a bit. I freelensed and also tried to create some multiple exposures while doing so. It pushed me to get creative, and I liked that. I'm not sure it worked but the process was exciting. I know I'll try it again.

now please head on over to my friend Erin's post to follow the circle around. Her images this month look like they are out of a magazine and are inspiring me to shoot some still life in a beautiful way this coming month. take a look.



Heather Robinson(non-registered)
And there it is again. Magic. If I could have even a fraction of your creativity, I would be one happy lady. You just keep pushing on. Each post becomes more fantastic than the last.
INSANE. You are amazing. First the snow photos (which are making me want more snow!), then the double exposures? Blown away.
annie otzen(non-registered)
OH my gosh!! this post blew me away! Amazing stuff! I love the double exposure! I also love the top photos how the red pops...once again! Just amazing!
I don't know what else to say other than I'm blown away which I have already said. I am in LOVE with the one of your daughter and the tree, where she's walking off to the left. So great Melissa.
Wow, I love the double exposure images Melissa! They have such an eery feel to them.
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