October Freelensing Circle

October 24, 2014  •  4 Comments


Around this time of year, everything feels rushed. The kids are well into their school year and early morning wake-ups in a family of non-mornning people is hurried and painful. Sports have been in full swing and so have my fall photo sessions. We are all running running running. And sometimes when that happens, it feels like there is no time to just slow down and let ourselves stop rushing.  To just drink in the fleeting beauty of the season, get some fresh air, unplug from our devices and just be. So I am thankful to my friend Kellie for inviting me for a walk this morning. Lia and I met her at an arboretum close by. It was such a lovely walk. I didn't take my camera out until the last few minutes. Lia was too busy to even glance at it, she was trying to catch bluebirds and butterflies, and informing us of what all the horticulture signs said ;) ...

and don't forget to follow our circle around to see all the freelensed beauty my friends have created. I am always blown away by their work. Next in the circle to visit is Annie right here . I love her post this month!


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Annie Otzen(non-registered)
These are so beautiful!! I love all of them and how they all fit together but I have to say I really love the waterlilies! Amazing Melissa!
Heather Robinson(non-registered)
These photos inspire me. I need to take a walk. Maybe even alone. And just take in the beauty around me with my camera. I think that would be therapeutic. I adore all of the shots of the trees. The black and white one especially. The last shot might just be my favorite though. It feels very vintage to me. I can picture her children showing this photograph to her grandchildren one day. This magical photograph of their beautiful grandmother taken with so much love by their great grandmother. A keepsake for sure. Such beautiful work this month Melissa.
These are absolutely gorgeous. The first one took my breath away!
WOW. These are soooooo beautiful!!! Love every single one of them.
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