The P family and "Buddy" the Pony

September 09, 2013  •  1 Comment

 I was incredibly excited when this family called me to come to their horse farm and capture some shots of their four-year-old daughter with her pony, "Buddy". I've kind of always dreamed of doing a session with a girl and her horse, and this was even sweeter with a little girl and her pony. And the rest of the family, well I a little bit felt like I was shooting a Ralph Lauren commercial or something...white flowy clothes, horses, long blonde hair, a beautiful, beautiful know what I mean ;) What I loved most about this shoot though, was that their daughter was a true free spirit, kind of like my own little girl. At first she was looking at me every time I took a picture but once she got comfortable she really did her own thing, running, leaping, laughing.....I told them I could spend hours photographing her, she was so fun and just my are a few faves so far from their session....




Maria Manco(non-registered)
These are so great!! I really love that black and white with the willow tree! Those trees take me back to my childhood and the way you shot it and edited it is so awesome! So many good photos here - as usual!
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