Maria and Joey, Lifestyle Maternity Session

September 06, 2013  •  9 Comments

I will never forget the day that I knew I was going into labor with my second son. It was the 22nd of December and I was wrapping "Santa's" Christmas presents for my 2 year old son James, so he wouldn't miss Christmas while I was giving birth. As I finished, I could feel the contractions coming steadily. I called to James who came and sat beside me on the couch, leaning on me and my 9 month belly and called my husband to come home to take me to the hospital. As we sat there and waited for him, I had a moment that I tried to never forget. I held his hand and breathed it in. Just me and him, I never wanted to forget what it felt like to be "just the two of us". He had been my best friend for 2 years 2 months, the stormy boy who taught me how to love, how to mother. The one who my whole life was devoted to in that moment. Still to this day, I can pick up a certain children's book and remember our years together, how we read the same books over and over, how his little hand felt in mine. He's turning 13 next month and it's now bigger than mine. It fits differently. But whatever I left behind in that moment of him leaning on my belly, he gained a million times over with the birth of one of his best friends, his little brother.

So that's why when my sweet friend Maria and I talked about capturing her last few days alone with her two year old son, Joey, my heart leapt a little. It was bittersweet. If you follow her beautiful work over at Maria Manco Photography, you know how much she loves this little guy, and what a wonderful mother she is. I could tell she was feeling the same way as I was so many years ago. And I really wanted her to have those memories. We had to reschedule a few times, but it happened yesterday morning, about a week and a half before her due date. Thank you Maria for being the sweet person you are and letting me peek into your world with Joey. xoxo





aimee mcnamee(non-registered)
i love the way you captured them. just beautiful, melissa. what a treasure for maria to have for always.
Rose Hewartson(non-registered)
These images are just beautiful and your words are beautiful as well.
Maria Manco(non-registered)
I. Can't. Stop. Looking.
Ashley Eaken(non-registered)
These photos are amazing, u can truly see her love for Joey through these great shots!!
ali deck(non-registered)
You hit these out of the park Melissa!! Gorgeous job my friend! Every single one is amazing!! xo
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