RR Beach Session with an Old Friend

November 11, 2013  •  1 Comment

It had only been half a lifetime ago that I saw my friend Kari. We were 18. And I remember her with clear blue eyes, an easy smile and a warm heart. I also remember that she was fun...really fun, and back then she had a cute skater boyfriend. Well, fast forward to 18 years later, I'm meeting up with the same girl only this time when I see her in the parking lot of Rocky River Beach, she's got a handsome husband with her and two beautiful children with the same clear blue eyes. She is just like I remember.  I feel as comfortable with her in that beach parking lot as I did in our all girls high school parking lot years ago.  How does time do that?


And her kids. There's Nolan, he's four, and such a little man. The way he talks, he could be in movies. I am thinking he will have about 10 girlfriends chasing him in a few years. And then there was Piper, yes she was a Piper alright. Spunky and sweet with a huge dimple. I am thinking she may be a track star in high school, because she was fast and fearless. I love those qualities.


Sometimes with lifestyle shoots I have found I can't direct and be in charge. I have to let the kids take the lead, and often the best smiles happen when I least expect it. Yes, I was excited for some amazing beach shots, which I think we got, but the best smiles for little Miss Piper were found at the playground, away from all that glowy beach light. There were a few potty breaks, some snacks, a big fall (um, that was me, lol), a few tears, but mostly happy, together filled moments..........


Kari, I loved seeing you and your beautiful family, xo







ali deck(non-registered)
How absolutely wonderful that you were able to reconnect with Kari! They are all so beautiful, but those tree images look like they are straight out of a movie. Beautiful work Melissa! xo
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