R Family at the apple orchard

October 01, 2013  •  6 Comments

I feel like as a photographer, I get to climb through a private little light filled window, and view the beautiful souls of families. It's a look at something we all don't get to see in our every day lives. Yes, we know families that we see often at school activities, and even our own extended families that we see at birthday parties and holidays, but as a photographer, I get to see those families together, interacting, loving each other, completely undistracted by that thing called life. It's a glimpse and intimacy I don't take for granted, and I feel very blessed that they are willing to let me in that little window, if just for a few hours. This was the third time I have photographed this family, and since our first meeting, I've become friends with the momma and our girls have connected too, which I love. They are truly sweet together, and I have loved watching their family grow. We met up at the local apple orchard and honestly, the light that night was heavenly. It fell through the trees making this family's bond glow even brighter and more beautiful, if that's possible...♥





Stephanie Sutter(non-registered)
These pics are so beautiful!! What a beautiful family!! I love the pics under the apple tree. Just precious.
Heidi Reese(non-registered)
Great captures, love these!
Aunt Carleen(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family!!!!!!!
Grandma Lorraine(non-registered)
I love the pictures of the "R" family!
Auntie K(non-registered)
What a GORGEOUS family! Absolutely stunning photos - you are very talented, Melissa!
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