I Heart Faces "Summer Fun" Challenge

September 05, 2012  •  6 Comments

When I think of this past summer, I think of our little newly turned 2-year-old Lia running to get her Daddy's shoes at the sight of him, and placing them carefully right in front of him, usually in the kitchen, and then sighing heavily and excitedly, in hopes of a trip "Outside".  Oh, the "Outside"! To Lia, a little girl who dreams of running free, diaper off (a talent she mastered herself this summer by trying every single time I put one on her) the "Outside" meant just that--freedom.  I can't imagine not having her with me this summer.  Summer would have been me letting the boys spend way too much time on their computers, and myself stuck to my own computer, editing away, but with a two-year-old who loves the "Outside", all of us, including her Daddy and three big brothers took turns taking her out to her favorite world.  On these walks, she led the way, and we all just let her little carefree mind take us around--usually to visit the chickens, jump on the trampoline, and sometimes to literally just "stop and smell the flowers", and then really, just to hang out on the grass, doing nothing but staring at the sky, and talking over (and over) about the sun, bugs, rocks, and chickens.  I love this photo because this was our daily dose of "summer fun" --watching Miss Lia find new ways to entertain herself.  In this moment she figured out she could see the world upside-down, and she was oh so proud. 


Photo Challenge Submission


What a silly goose! Adorable capture!
5.Tifani Jefferis(non-registered)
I just love this shot!
4.Leilani Rogers, Photographer(non-registered)
So adorable!
3.Mama Monkey(non-registered)
ADORABLE! I have 3 daughters myself and I always loved when they learned how to view the world upside down :) It's awesome being able to see the world from a childs perspective!
2.Melissa Hudson(non-registered)
I love this shot...it's timeless! : )
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