The Beauty of Manual Mode

June 08, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

I admit, when I started out with my brand new Nikon D300 a few years ago (looking back it has been about 4 1/2 years!), I was so completely overwhelmed by it's computer like qualities and strange buttons, that for a couple years I was always on Program Mode.  And to be honest, you can get some amazing shots in this mode.  Especially if you don't know what your doing otherwise :) which was completely me.  Very slowly I ventured into Aperture mode (which is a mode I still use often enough and do love).  Of course, at some point every photographer wants the gorgeous bokeh.  And although at A Mode I do adjust exposure up or down, as well as ISO, I have found through some experimentation through the past year and a half, that at M Mode, my photos have the extra artistic beauty that I can't seem to perfect in another setting.  It's almost as though they have the look of a beautiful painting.  While in Program mode you can expect perfect clarity for the most part (if you're in the right light), M mode creates blurs and lines (I guess depending on the effect you are going for) that are not perfect in every sense but come together in some sort of ethereal artistic vision.  So, this summer I am going to attempt to take all of my personal photos in M Mode, just so I can grow more confident changing my settings in M Mode for clients quickly enough to capture that perfect moment AND have that artistic beauty too :)...  I think, even graininess looks beautiful in M mode...just my humble opinion...I'm certainly no expert, just learning and loving it along the journey with every other aspiring photographer and artist. :)

I know I've posted a few bath photos lately but it's where I can get Lia to sit still and I can practice, and the other one was just her being still on her own, giving her dear blankie some love!



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