I Heart Faces Photo Challenge "Friendship"

October 17, 2012  •  3 Comments

I Heart Faces Challenge "Friendship"


I did a family session with these three siblings and after the session when I uploaded my images to my computer, this image just jumped out at me.  I had asked the boys to give their little sister a kiss, and one did so immediately and the other just pretended.  Well, Little Sister wanted a real kiss, she was loving the idea of all this smooching from her brothers so she grabbed their faces and held them to her cheeks, with the biggest , proudest smile ever.  It was such a funny, sweet moment, and it's what makes me love what I do...capturing everlasting moments that are so heartwarming and endearing, and documenting the beautiful friendships between family members.


Photo Challenge Submission


Love this! What a great capture!!
Wow...what an amazing photo! What a fun trio to photograph...the girl is clearly having a blast!
1.Mrs. Claus(non-registered)
The expressions on the boys' faces are priceless. Great capture!
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